Blowing minds: The art of blown glass

Glass Artists Today

Though Snodgrass is undoubtedly the most legendary glass pipe artist of all time, today there are artists at work that take the same passion he had for his craft and, over time, have turned it into something completely different. These artists have continued to revolutionize in ways that I’m sure Snodgrass never dreamed possible when he paved the way for these genius artists. Combining his techniques and know-how with pure innovative spirit and a willingness to push boundaries, these new-age glass artists have taken their craft and truly turned it on its head.

Artists like Zach Puchowitz, whose knack for creative design both functionally and aesthetically has brought him much praise within the glassblowing community, among many others, have changed the way many look at glass pipes forever. Their non-stop desire for innovation truly has changed the way people look at pipes. Gone are the days of a simple color changing spoon, or a bong that was nothing more than a simple glass tube. Instead, artists like Puchowitz at Puff Pipes in Canada have opened the floodgates, each pipe surpassing the one that came before in terms of design and originality.

And Puchowitz is far from the only modern glass artist worth watching. Many other artists and collaborative efforts between them, such as Jose and Maggie of JM Flow and the amazing artists at Nexus Glass, continue to push the boundaries of what artists thought were possible. As well as continually pushing the boundaries of this art, they have also provided an ever-growing spotlight for this art form. This spotlight has brought much attention from both everyday collectors and enthusiasts as well as celebrities such as Action Bronson and Wiz Khalifa, whose love for the art have brought tons of new people over. Never before have these and many other artists tried such groundbreaking and unique designs for their pieces, and never before have so many people truly cared and longed for these breathtaking glass beauties. Knowing what we know now, it is safe to say a young Bob Snodgrass never saw coming what would eventually change the face of the art form he so loved forever.