Blowing minds: The art of blown glass

The Future of Functional Blown Glass Art

Through glass art’s constant evolution throughout the years, it’s easy to wonder just when the ever-growing ceiling will finally be met. Evolving from a craft in ancient Egypt to a functional art style and beyond, it’s an easy guess to make that the first glass makers of ancient times never knew exactly what they were bringing into the world.

From Snodgrass and his Deadhead pipes to the discovery of fuming, to the ever advancing styles and techniques, it’s impossible to know just how far blown glass pipes and bongs will advance. If what we’re seeing today seems hard for us to imagine, just think of 50 years from now when these people are looked at as the new pioneers in their craft. Each one of them a new Snodgrass, bringing untold discovery and unbridled creativity into an ever-evolving art form. From the most simple of spoons and hammers to the most intricate heady glass bongs, these glass pieces truly are modern art. They’re Americana. And without a doubt, they are some of the most beautiful pieces of art coming out of anywhere today.

It’s impossible to know exactly what the next few years will bring, and what the decades after that will spell for the art, but we can safely assume that what we’re seeing today is only the beginning. With mainstream attention at an all-time high and glass artists so talented that it seems unfeasible that they’re even making the things that they make, innovation is inevitable. One can only watch over the next few decades as artists figure out new techniques and designs and their work slowly evolves into something new entirely.