Top 5 Homeware Brands to Spruce Up Your Home With

There are countless makers and retailers within the homeware and home décor market. As the industry continues to grow in productivity and popularity, more and more brands are dipping their toes in the art of producing home items from furniture and linen to tableware and decorations. So, where do you turn in this overflowing market for quality homeware shopping? Here are the top 5 brands in the business.

  1. Calvin Klein (Rugs)
    Calvin Klein is famous for its mastery of color, texture, and material. They have translated this knowledge and experience into a product line of Calvin Klein rugs that defy all standards of beauty and comfort. So whether you are drawn to visual or actual textures, this brand offers everything you need to bring earthy colors and sophistication to your home.
  2. L’Objet (Tableware)
    L’Objet has a very extensive inventory of high-quality tableware that has stood the test of competition and come out on top time after time. They sell everything from their popular turtle-shapes table jewels to elevated tableware in vibrant colors and gold embellishments. Overall, every item from this brand will turn your meals into a celebration.
  3. Aerin Lauder (Accessories)
    The eponymous brand created by Aerin Lauder is the embodiment of beautiful and luxurious homeware. Lauder has incorporated inspirations from her art, Vienna childhood years, and style sensibility into the magnificent vases, photo frames, trays, and jewelry boxes that her brand produces and updates every season.
  4. Ralph Lauren (Furniture)
    While you won’t see the polo player logo on their furniture line, you will know it is Ralph Lauren from the luxurious quality. Ralph Lauren’s furniture pieces are exquisitely detailed and made from such rich material that the simplest piece will bring sophistication to your home.
  5. Michael Aram (Luxury Homeware)
    Michael Aram is an artist-maker based in New York, with ties in India that show up in his work in magnificent ways. Whether you are homeware shopping for palm-woven bathroom trinkets or handcrafted serve ware, this is the brand to choose.